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In 1988 my first dog, a German Shepherd, entered my life. I took him to dog training school and fairly quickly we started participating in obedience competitions. My second dog, a German Shepherd bitch, joined us and from then on dogs and competitions have become my greatest passion.

The German Shepherds were succeeded by my Belgian Malinois bitches. These are the dogs that made me realise I wanted to be a breeder one day.

In Spring 2003 my friend Carl gave me Caramba, my first Tervuren, as a gift. This variety has since then taken up all the space in my life. After three years of work and a wonderful selection season, Caramba became vice-champion of Belgium for obedience. This was one of my dearest wishes.

Then, thanks to Fiesta, Houlala, and Coup de Coeur,  I finally made my dream to breed come true.

2010 is a year of change for La Belgerie. That year, Bianca bought me Jelena as a puppy, while I kept her sister Jus d'Orange for breeding.

These two bitches became great ambassadors for La Belgerie and have at same time given birth to an extraordinary friendship between her respective owners. This friendship led Bianca to be more and more involved in the breeding and to finally become real part of it.

Today we are two. Two to lead the boat, two to live this wonderful daily passion, two to give it all for our breeding.


We try to breed with the best standard practices and to bring our contribution by producing beautiful and healthy dogs with very good temperament. We also want to respect the selection work of my ancestors.

All puppies produced by La Belgerie will of course have a St-Hubert pedigree and a DNA card. They are vaccinated, have had a deworming treatment and are identified by microchip. I do my best to socialise them a lot before they leave La Belgerie and I expect the future owners to continue to do so.



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