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U-2 Litter

(last update 08/08/2021)

5 males and 1 female born 14th June 2021

All puppies have found their forever homes!


2021 ... Life goes on ...


(last update 10/05/2021)

Born 07/03/2021

(3 boys and 2 girls)

All puppies are spoken for



Some updates are so difficult that they take months, or even years to be implemented.

They crossed the rainbow bridge...


Munchanga's Fiesta


Nothing that we can write here will have enough power to describe the exceptional bitch that you were, nor to the extent of all that you have given us.

Today, words fail us to say what a super mom, what an exceptional reproducer, what a brilliant pack leader, what an excellent obedience competitor and above all what a perfect life companion you were.

But deep down, we don't really need to say all that: everyone already knows it ❤

You were named so well. Every day by your side has been a celebration. What made you exceptional was to have in you such a great strength combined with so much kindness, in a perfect balance.

You have been a pillar, a rock, all the days of your life, which you have crossed entirely with that legendary happiness that was yours.

Your strong presence will be missed. Terribly. But you will leave your print forever, in our hearts, and through your descendants.

La Belgerie, it's YOU.

You will never be forgotten.

Goodbye my Queen, run free.

Love you ❤

RE Munchanga's Fiesta

21.03.2006 - 19.10.2018

Kansas de la Belgerie

A big piece of my heart is gone. One can cry out in anger, cry out injustice, but today I just want to cry out my sadness and my dismay. My dismay at not being able to be there to heal you, my dismay at having left you. Life changes at any time, high temperatures and we spoil ourselves to the point of not being able to recover from it. Last night my choupet you died in our arms. Your enthusiasm, your love, your joy of living went with you. You gave us so much. You gave me so much. You deserved more, more of everything and above all more years to chill with us. Have a good trip my loving dog, I loved every moment with you; every minute you gave me and every step we took together. Kiss Pepsi and Grandpa up there ... and shine like you always have. I love you my sweet wolf ♥️♥️♥️


From a first to a last heartbeat ...

You were born in my hands

and you died in our arms ...

Fly my sweet boy, I love you beyond the stars ❤


Kansas de la Belgerie
11/12/2011 - 15/08/2020


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